We serve as general counsel for small- to medium-sized companies in technology, real estate, investment and other commercial areas. Draing on 10 years' experience as in-house counsel managing litigation for two NYSE-listed manufacturers, 8 years with a large NYC litigation firm and 7 years as a nuclear power design and analysis engineer, we have been serving small- to medium-sized companies for the past 23 years.

Highlights include insurance coverage litigation and related expert witness testimony, management of mass-tort defense, recovery of disputed art treasures from a foreign sovereign, defense of nuclear power plant product liability cases, real estate investment and management, biotech and others tartups, and general counsel to companies in the Internet, data processing and software develiopment areas.

Our Experience

  • Small Business Counseling
  • Technology Companies
  • Law Firm Marketing and Business Development
  • Litigation Management and Analysis
  • Hotel Contracting and Event Production
  • National Coverage

Small Business Consulting

General legal counsel to small- and medium-sized companies operating in various technology areas. Services range from startup to day-to-day operational issues, including landlord-tenant, employment, trademark, contract, regulatory, sales tax, commercial collection, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Technology Companies

Counseling Internet Service Providers, and companies in the data processing outsourcing, software development, biotech and other technical areas.

Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Founding Executive Director of The Network of Trial Law Firms (TRIAL.COM) responsible for the development of millions of dollars of new and recurrent legal business for two dozen client firms with more than 7,000 attorneys in 160 offices; and consulting to law firms responding to RFP’s, dealing with transition and succession issues, interviewing for business.

Litigation Management and Analysis

Following 7 years as a practicing engineer, worked 8 years as a lawyer with Rosenman Colin (NYC) in litigation, served 10 years as Vice President and Chief of Litigation for Combustion Engineering, Inc. ($3.5B sales) and GAF Corporation ($1B sales). Managed all litigation against those companies, including scores of thousands of mass tort cases and related insurance coverage litigation, major product liability and commercial litigation. Co-founder of International Policyholders Association; Participant in Center for Claims Resources (“CCR” successor to the Wellington Group); and founded CVCSS (wholly-owned claim service company). Highlights: Reconstituted and recovered tens of millions of dollars of lost insurance policies dating back decades; defended nuclear power plant product liability cases brought by utilities; recovered 52 Lyonel Feininger oil paintings from the government of East Germany a decade prior to the celebrated Klimt paintings case (aka Woman in Gold); analyzed litigation inventories for shipping and railroad companies using Monte Carlo simulation to advise clients concerning reserves, insurance program buyouts and settlement break-even points; successfully led defense of bet-the-company litigation in Texas by the same plaintiff lawyers who destroyed Texaco; and created and managed a national network of mass tort defense counsel.

Hotel Contracting and Event Production

Negotiated more than 100 hotel contracts and produced as many Continuing Legal Education programs in litigation management.

National Coverage

Excellent long-term working relationships with premier law firms and lawyers throughout North America.